Module 2

Wheat and the Screenroom


From the wheat in the field, to cleaned and conditioned grains, ready for milling, this module covers the structure, characteristics and production of the industry’s major raw material.

The module provides a comprehensive tutorial of wheat intake, storage and cleaning procedures; the operation of a modern screenroom; the conditioning, drying and mixing of wheats.

Topics Covered

  • The Wheat Plant
  • Wheat Varieties
  • Wheat Production
  • Wheat Intake
  • Wheat Storage
  • Wheat Cleaning
  • The Screenroom
  • Treatment and Disposal of Screenings
  • Adjustment and Maintenance of Plant
  • Wheat Damping
  • Conditioning and Drying Wheat


The date for examination on this module is Wednesday 8 May 2019 and will accord with the test specification set out below and also set out in the course workbook.

Duration: 2 hours, 8 questions

Test Specification

The wheat plant, varieties and production 2 questions
Wheat intake and storage 2 questions
Wheat cleaning and the screenroom 2 questions
Wheat damping, conditioning, drying, mixing and measuring 2 questions

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