Module 4

Product Handling, Storage and Distribution


This course considers the bulk storage of flour and co-products; the practice of flour blending; handling and storage of packed flour; warehousing; vehicles used to transport finished products and their loading and unloading; pests of stored wheat and flour and their control.

Recently updated, this course is covered in 4 lessons, providing an indispensable guide to materials handling, storage and distribution.

Topics Covered

  • Bulk Storage
  • Flour Blending
  • Packing
  • Packed Product Storage and Handling
  • Despatch
  • Distribution
  • Infestation Control


The date for examination on this module is Monday 13 May 2019 and will accord with the test specification below and also set out in the course workbook.

Duration: 2 hours, 8 questions

Test Specification

Materials flow; Bulk storage 2 questions
Flour blending; packing and palletising; packed product storage 3½ questions
Despatch and distribution 1½ questions
Infestation control 1 questions

Past Papers