Lessons and Workbooks

The students’ textbooks and Lesson Workbooks are sent to Mentors once the enrolment has been processed, and should arrive by mid-September, provided that the enrolment was received before 21 August 2018.  Enrolments received after that date may suffer a delay in processing.

However, if course materials have not been received by mid-October, nabim should be contacted immediately. Additional copies of the textbooks (e.g. for Mentors’ use) may be ordered from nabim.

Please note: Photocopying of the textbooks would be a breach of nabim’s copyright. In such an event, nabim will consider taking legal action to obtain compensation.

Tutors and Mentors


Every student is allocated one tutor per module. When the course books are sent out the student will be informed of their tutor and be supplied with the appropriate address information; the student should send all lesson scripts to the tutor allocated for that module and they will be marked and returned. The tutors’ depth of knowledge is reflected in the professional and specialist advice they provide for the student.

Dedicated Tutor Support

The nabim programme provides dedicated tutor support for every student, giving professional guidance and specialist advice throughout the course year.


It is strongly recommended that, for each student it enrols on the correspondence course, the mill appoints a suitable person to be made specifically responsible for assisting the student in their studies. This person is hereafter referred to as the mentor. Where a mill enrols more than one student, it may wish to allocate one mentor for all students. The mentor should be indicated on the enrolment form in the space provided.

The Role of the Mentor

The mentor should encourage the student to participate fully in the course. For each lesson, the mentor should discuss the subject matter with the student; particularly where the lesson covers subjects outside their normal practical experience, the mentor may also arrange for the student to spend time in the relevant area of the mill and/or to speak to suitably qualified personnel on site.

Mentors should address any difficulties the students may be having by discussing the returned lessons and the students answers. The mentor should ensure that the student is registered to take their examination at an approved centre and that they are aware of the date and venue for the examination.