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    Module 1 - Safety, Health and Hygiene
    Module 2 - Wheat and the Screenroom
    Module 3 - Mill Processes and Performance
    Module 4 - Product Handling, Storage and Distribution
    Module 5 - Flour
    Module 6 - Power and Automation
    Module 7 - Flour Milling Management

    £375 + VAT per module

    Please note that if you choose not to enrol in a course but only to register (on a separate form, not online) to re-sit the examination, the fee will be £80 + VAT per module. NB: You will not be able to register for the examination if you have never enrolled for the course.

    I wish to enrol in the nabim course(s) shown above, and agree to allow information about my course performance to be passed to my employer. Cheques should be made payable to nabim Ltd. A vat invoice will be sent on receipt of payment. If you wish to make payment by BACS please contact nabim for account details; all transfer costs are to be covered by the payer.

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    Each student must nominate a mill mentor and an exam centre in order for their enrolment to be completed.